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Sep 23, 2016  

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Sandra said some should start popping up locally in January and the company is still accepting applications from businesses who want to house their own pizza machines. The machines are user-friendly and work with cash, credit or debit. While Sandra said Pizza Touch plans to expand variety, the machines currently carry cheese, Margherita and mushroom and pepper pizzas. The personal-sized pies come out of a slot on a piece of white cardboard, ready to eat. Sandra said her company, which has roots in Portugal and Italy, aims to put the machines in places people are likely to need a meal in a pinch: college campuses, hospitals, hotels, malls. Tourists are also likely to pass through the Sunshine State, and some vendors may hope that exposes their product to a wider ranger of people, said Steven Kirn, executive director of the University of Floridas retail education and research center. But the general reason is that Florida is a very rapidly growing state, he said. Its a reasonably good mirror of the population. Demographically, its a pretty good place to try stuff out. In Sarasota, another pizza machine company has set up shop. Shawn Marquardt, vice president of business development for 24/7 Pizza Box, said while products like Pizza Touch heat up full personal pies, his machines are meant to sell pizza by the slice.

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